Lily Lisa comes from Hong Kong, China. From a young age she knew that she belonged in fashion and entertainment. After she left school, she soon found work as a print and runway model, winning the coveted “Most Elegant Model” for a prominent Hong Kong modeling agency. After trying out for a small part in a local movie and getting it, she soon realized that she had a knack for on-camera performing, and decided to pursue acting as a career. Realizing that the best path to success was to go to the biggest center of entertainment, she decided to make the leap and go to Hollywood.

Once in Hollywood, she started studies with renowned acting teacher Bobbie Chance, who took a liking to Lily, teaching her western acting techniques. “Lily, I know you and your generous spirit and beautiful heart, I am so proud of your accomplishments” said Bobbie of Lily. Armed with her new-found skills, she started the audition process and soon landed small roles in independent films, graduating to bigger roles – case in point: she recently booked a starring role in Girl Zero, a film being produced by Big Screen Entertainment in the spring of 2014. Coming from generations of Chinese business people, she couldn’t help but do some work behind the camera as well, and will serve as a producer on a film that she is developing with Big Screen Entertainment director Stephen Eckelberry. Kimberley Kates, CEO of Big Screen, calls Lily “An unique talent, she has found her way into the Big Screen family, and lives up to her nickname ‘Lucky Lily’ as her work and talent brings luck to every project she has been involved with. ”Stephen Eckelberry says Lily has “An attractive, glamorous quality, and yet has a charm that would win anyone’s heart. I believe that she is destined for great accomplishments.”

In addition to her continuing career in Hollywood, Lily never forgets to give back, and is committed to her work in Charity. She was named “Woman of the Year – Asia” for her work with. We Care for Humanity, bringing relief to homeless children the world over. She also received a Certificate of Congressional Recognition, from US Congresswoman Judy Chu. The Chair of the International Fashion SuperModel Committee, Michael Tse, after presenting the Award of Appreciation to Lily Lisa Fashion, called her an “Amazing wonderful classy lady with a very special vision in style & trend- a fashion philanthropist.” Back home in China, she received the prestigious Hurun Polo Award – Ambassador’s Polo Cup (China Horse Polo) as “The Most Elegant Lady” She is also in demand as a fashion consultant, being recognized for her work nurturing young talent. Says Bobbie Chance, “I am proud of the things you do to help people that you don’t even talk about, and you always have such a great sense of style.”

Lily Lisa is not only an actress in Hollywood, she also makes her home in Hollywood, though she manages to fly back to China several times a year. “If you have the talent and a positive attitude, doors will open for you in Hollywood,” says Lily, “And I always try to help people wherever I can.” This may be the secret to Lily’s success