At we take into account information that we recieve from expert handicappers, trainers, jockeys and jockey agents. We also take into acount "late" information like horses appearances in the paddock, late action, last minute scratches that affect the pace of the race, last minute odds, weather conditions, and more. It's this "late" information that makes our service unique. These are not picks that are made one or two days before. Or even picks that are made prior to the first race. These are last minute picks that have taken into account almost all the factors necessary to be a winning player.

We get inside information from trainers jockeys and not to be underestimated - jockey agents. Jockey agents are some of the most knowledgeable people on the track as it's their job to know all the horses that are running at a particular track. Trainers really know just about their own horses and how they are doing, jockey agents keep track of how all the horses on the backside are doing and must decide which horses to put their jockeys on.

We also count on expert handicappers that use a plethora of information, like trip handicapping, pedigree information, speed handicapping, clocker information, pace handicapping and information from the racing form and from costlier items like the sheets. We use handicappers that rely heavily on the sheets as they are some of the best figures available to handicappers taking into account factors such as final times and lengths lost. Using all these factors and more in concert help us identify contenders in each race.

We have agents working for us on site that will give us feedback as to how a horse is looking in the paddock. This information is vital to decipher how a horse is going to do right now - in THIS race that will go off in just a few minutes. We do not have agents at every track in America, only at select tracks. We do not give picks to tracks that we do not get on site information at. Check the list of currently available tracks.

Finally we take into account last minute changes and horses odds. Finding horses that are true contenders, at great odds that are truly well meant today is the key to winning at the races.

Our horses are LIVE horses, that are well meant. These are not "LOCKS", "GUARANTEED WINNERS",  or any other type of "HYPE" horses. There are no such things as SURE things in horseracing. It simply does not exist. Any service that tells you that they will give you picks that absolutely 100% WILL win are simply scams. You KNOW this to be true. Go with a service that you can trust to give you solid picks that are well meant and take into account last minute information, as well as inside information and solid handicapping. Go with to win consistently at the races!

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