Based in Hollywood California, Nook Design, Blended Digital Media and Nookie Studios have been building creative and exciting websites, producing video and working in photography for more than a decade. Website technology constantly evolves and improves and we pride ourselves on being current on the latest web standards with our dynamic mobile friendly websites. We don't do boring sites. They’re no fun for you, your visitors, or for us to build.
▼ Planning Your Website


Planning your Website

Before you consult with a website developer, you need to think about a few things.

What are your goals and purpose for a website?

Who is your target audience?

What is their age group?  

Are they male, female, or both? 

What is their ethnic background?

What would you like to accomplish with your website?

Who is your competition, and what kind of website do they have?

What kind of style would you like your website to have?

Should it be conservative, or have a more progressive look?

Do you have content for your site?

What is your budget?

How soon do you need your website online?

Do you need photographic or illustrative work, or do you have existing artwork?

If you have existing artwork, is it in digital form?

How large a site do you need?

How many pages would it require?

What catagories should your pages contain?

What would you like to see on each of the pages?

Have you thought about a design or layout for your site?

What special functions does your site require, music, shopping cart, animation, etc.

How will you promote your site? Word of mouth, search engines, business cards and stationary?

Who will host your site?

Do you have a list of other web sites that you'd like yours to look similar to?